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Jul 16, 2015 · Do You Enjoy Being A Fat Guy? Join 217 friendly people sharing true stories in the I Enjoy Being A Fat Guy group. Find forums, advice and chat with groups

do you enjoy being fat well find out through this test Take this quiz! Do you stuff your self with food Do you play with your belly fat When walking down the

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Nov 28, 2010 · Feed me now: women who love being fat For some women putting on weight is a cause for jubilation, and a way of achieving heightened sexual fulfilment.

Do fat people enjoy being fat? You could ask the same question about people with other conditions that subject them to ricidicule: Do skinny people enjoy being skinny?

Apr 02, 2016 · I enjoy being fat, its who i am and just because i am fat doesnt mean im no sexual than thinner people. I love sex and kinkier the better Fatteenudders.

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What is it like being fat? The good, bad and even mundane? Thanks So I lost weight, got down to a comfortable 145, and I could actually enjoy shopping again.

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But Being “Fat” Does . Bodies. joni bio.jpg. Be unapologetically fat. Wear a bikini, and mean it. Eat pizza and ice cream and enjoy it. Welcome to

Feb 29, 2008 · Best Answer: You love being fat???? Where did you get your self-confidence???? I’m smaller then you and I don’t have that much self-confidence.

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